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Please consider this my recommendation of Wendy Patriquin of Patriquin Virtual Office, for her competent and thorough bookkeeping services. We have worked with Wendy since April 2012.

Wendy always provides timely and accurate HST, Employee Source Deduction and WSIB report submissions and appropriate remittance amounts that reflect good business practice while meeting Government standards and requirements. When required, Wendy is very competent at working with our vendors to reconcile accounts and ensure our best interests are considered. Wendy has a good understanding of appropriate tax filing dates and time frames and ensures that our various reports are submitted on time, that employee T4 forms are delivered as required and other HR forms are available and accessible.

At corporate year end, Wendy has always provided a quality set of books that is easily understood by and useful with minimal interaction with our corporate Chartered Accountant. Wendy also works very well with our CA and enjoys an ongoing relationship that offers benefits to our organization.

Wendy is a pleasure to work with and provides a very high level of professionalism in all she does.


Dennis Stalkie, President

List Planning Ltd. has been using the services of Patriquin Virtual Office since March of 2005. The Virtual Office format is quite flexible, as it allows Wendy to attend our Bracebridge office as required, and also perform other functions from her own office. This is especially handy during winter in Muskoka when travel can sometimes be difficult. Also, we routinely forward our office line to the Virtual Office so our customers can receive a personal telephone reception.

When Wendy arrived at our office she promptly converted our existing accounting data into Quickbooks software. In doing so she was able to create up-to-date client and vendor lists, produce monthly customer invoices and statements, collect and record accounts receivable payments, input & track accounts payable, record bank deposits, reconcile bank and credit card statements, and handle government remittances such as monthly source deductions, federal & provincial corporate taxes and quarterly HST. Wendy also takes deposits to the bank and picks up necessary documents, office supplies and postage saving List Planning valuable time.

In short, using Patriquin Virtual Office has proven to be very beneficial to List Planning. Work is performed in an accurate & timely fashion, and we avoid incurring costs associated with purchasing and upgrading accounting software and making employee contributions such as CPP, EI and WSIB. I would highly recommend the services of Patriquin Virtual Office to other small businesses in the region.


Robert List, B.E.S., M.C.I.P., President