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About Patriquin Virtual Office

Patriquin Virtual Office was established in 1994 and is owned and operated by Wendy Patriquin. See my resume

With over 29 years of experience “Making Bookkeeping A Breeze”, we have been providing bookkeeping and administrative support services to businesses throughout Muskoka since 2005.

Services provided by Patriquin Virtual Office are customized to meet client’s individual needs. Check out our services! 

Our Bookkeeping Withstands Scrutiny

magnifying-glassA large part of bookkeeping is ensuring that financial data and records are accurately maintained and easily accessible. In the event of a Canada Revenue Agency Review or Audit, it is very beneficial to have an organized filing system – with readily available documentation, and a clean, accurate, data file – with entries that are easy to follow.

Patriquin Virtual Office has supported several clients through both, a complete Canada Revenue Agency audit, and Canada Revenue Agency payroll reviews. These experiences have reinforced that “Our Bookkeeping Withstands Scrutiny”.

Patriquin Virtual Office routinely works with our clients accountants to coordinate bookkeeping, accounting & CRA requirements.

Illuminates Your Finances

Another significant benefit clients of Patriquin Virtual Office experience, is to see a truly accurate picture of their sales, accounts receivable, expenses, accounts payable, and government liabilities. Most business owners think they have a pretty good idea of where their business stands, but many are surprised when we start providing reports. Having accurate information at your fingertips, that “Illuminates Your Finances”, enables you to make sound financial decisions for your company.

The Last Piece of The Puzzle

Over the years, Patriquin Virtual Office has taken on many complex client files. Clients come to us for a variety of reasons and many after finding themselves in difficult positions. Perhaps they have suddenly found themselves without a bookkeeper, are not satisfied with their present bookkeeping situation, have been notified they are not in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency requirements, are in arrears with CRA remittances, are setting up a new business, or expanding an existing business. Regardless of the reason business owners come to our firm, we strive to treat all of our clients with respect, honour their confidentiality, and work diligently on their file until their bookkeeping is completely up-to-date, accurate, and in compliance with CRA requirements.


Our specialty is bookkeeping, office setup and organization that results in minimal ongoing maintenance. When a client comes to us with a complicated bookkeeping file, it is like completing a jigsaw puzzle. When you are opening the box, spreading the pieces out on the table and turning them over, it can look like a big mess. Then as you build the frame for the puzzle and start putting it together, piece by piece, the big picture is revealed.   This process can occur quickly, but sometimes this process can take many months to be completed. In the end, there is tremendous satisfaction when “The Last Piece of The Puzzle” is placed, “Making Bookkeeping A Breeze”.