Established in 1994, Celebrating 30 Years in Business!

Established in 1994, Celebrating 30 Years in Business!

The Benefits of Patriquin Virtual Office

Patriquin Virtual Office offers a competitive hourly rate, comparable to other bookkeeping services in Muskoka.

Our goal is to minimize the cost of our clients yearend and income tax preparation fees paid to their accountant through our knowledgeable and experienced bookkeeping services.

Patriquin Virtual Office has worked with a wide variety of business sectors …

Restaurant, Hospitality, Land Use Planning, Surveying, Real Estate, Business Machine, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Esthetics, Construction, Plumbing, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Landscaping, Painting, Property Management, Interior Design, Upholstery, Retail, Automotive, Pool & Spa, and Pet Boarding.

By retaining the services of Patriquin Virtual Office our clients reduce the expenses for:

  • Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, associated with hiring a bookkeeping employee
  • Owning or leasing additional office space
  • Maintaining computer equipment
  • Upgrading computer software
  • Purchasing office equipment
  • Office supplies

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive!

Years of Experience


  • Reception of customers
  • Processing incoming telephone calls


  • Production and maintenance of daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, including paper, ink costs and use of scheduling software


  • Processing customer invoice payments, by cash, cheque, debit/credit cards & use of Point Of Sale equipment
  • Data entry and production of customer invoices


  • Production of Payroll cheques
  • Production of annual T4 Summary & T4 slips
  • Production of Record of Employment forms as required

Accounts Receivable

  • Data entry of customer invoice payments
  • Tracking of Accounts Receivable and production of related reports
  • Production and distribution of Monthly Accounts Receivable Statements
  • Accounts Receivable Collections

Accounts Payable

  • Data entry of Accounts Payable invoices
  • Data entry of Accounts Payable remittances
  • Tracking of Accounts Payable and production of related reports
  • Production of manual or computerized Accounts Payable cheques

Government & Agency Remittances

  • Submission of monthly Payroll Source Deductions
  • Submission of HST remittances
  • Submission of WSIB Premiums


  • Production of manual or computerized Bank Deposits, including Point Of Sale transactions
  • Tracking daily banking transactions using on-line banking
  • Reconciliation of Monthly Bank Statements
  • Reconciliation of Petty Cash

Reporting & Record Keeping

  • Production and Tracking of company financial reports, including sales, expenses and efficiencies
  • Maintenance of Customer Database
  • Maintenance of Vendor Database
  • Maintenance of Numeric, Customer and Vendor filing system
  • Document filing

Fiscal Year End and Income Tax Filing Preparation

  • Production of Year End Reports
  • Submission of Year End Reports to Accountant/Financial Management Service, including meeting time spent and transportation cost

Purchasing & Delivery

  • Purchasing & Delivery of postage stamps*
  • Purchasing & Delivery of office supplies*
  • Delivery of outgoing mail to Canada Post/Courier*
  • Delivery of Bank Deposits*
  • General Deliveries of cheques, miscellaneous items, etc.

 *All of the above include time and transportation costs

Equipment & Software Usage

  • Use of current Quickbooks Accounting Software
  • Use of current Quickbooks Accounting Software Updates
  • Use of current Quickbooks Payroll Tax Table Updates
  • Use of internet connection to download applicable software updates
  • Access to laptop computer and related softwares*

*Subject to availability


  • On-site attendance of Owner/Operator
  • Attendance  of Owner/Operator at meetings/seminars/conferences*
  • Off-site services
  • General Goodwill, Customer Attraction and Retention

*Subject to availability, plus additional fee for service and mileage

Additional Services

Drawing from over thirty years of practical experience in the areas of administrative, customer service, computer and clerical support, Patriquin Virtual Office offers Additional Services.

  • Executive Assistant functions
  • Co-ordination of travel arrangements, conferences and luncheons
  • Correspondence
  • Resumes
  • Proposals
  • Quotations
  • Reports
  • Presentations