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This is the film where Dr Evil was born. That should tell you more than...

This is the film where Dr Evil was born. That should tell you more than enough about this movie.

Right from the very beginning, you sense and actually SEE that this film was going to be different from the previous 007 films. The moment an approaching space craft opens it's nose to swallow another, smaller space rocket you see the camp enter the series and it never fully leaves until Timothy Dalton makes his final 007 film 22 years later.

This is not just a different Bond film, it is, for the first time in the series to date, a poor one. While yes, there are some decent parts to it: the fight between Bond and the heavy in the Osato office (second only to the fight on the Orient Express in From Russia with Love), the Little Nellie scene although that went on too long without adding anything meaningful to the story, except an "action" scene, and the concept of Bond being assassinated which is far more an interesting idea, and one they should have focused on more than what was eventually put on screen for the remainder of the film.

Connery was visibly peeved by this point with his involvement in the series. Maybe it had something to do with a meandering, nonsensical script written by children's book author: Roald Dahl more than a strange choice for a franchise that was running so hot after four smash hits in the past five years. Many aspects of the script just do not stand close scrutiny. Why does he turn up to the Kobe Docks? Why are there so many thugs there that want to beat him up at that point? What's with the roof top escape? Why does Helga Brandt have him tied to a chair, to let him go, to try and kill him in a more elaborate way with a plane in the next scene? How can NO-ONE see where that rocket is landing or even coming down it's a SPACE ROCKET? and the biggest one: what is with Bond turning Japanese? That makes no sense at all. And with the wearing of a wig, and racist eye attachments he doesn't even look Japanese. There is too much screen time taken on the Japanese wedding (another bit that makes no sense) that by the end of it you forgot you're watching an action, adventure, espionage movie. The meeting with Henderson is another "why?" moment. It adds nothing to the story apart from giving him a reason to have a fight in the office about 5 minutes of screen time later.

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Lewis Gilbert making his debut in the director's chair is a good choice for director given the script but coming off Terence Young's most recent effort it's hard to think that the producers we're actually bothered at this point.

Lazy is the word I can best sum this movie up with.

While the volcano layer is a fantastic set. A true marvel of movie set design and building. It's part of the camp tone and over-the-top approach that was so evident with this film. Donald Pleasance may have the scared face thing down pat but I have trouble believing he is the head of SPECTRE. Again, why would he kill Osato and not Bond then try and kill Bond straight after. This is the man who's foiled your plan in two of the previous films shoot him first and then feed your incompetent underling to your ridiculous piranha at a later stage.

Tetsuro Tanba playing Bond's Japanese aide adds very little in character. It was only four short years before that Pedro Armedariz's Kerim Bey was such a wonderful character and provided support to Bond in his mission. Tanba has no charisma in his role, but I think that was again more to do with the story and script.

The two leading ladies we're so un-remarkable and un-memorable that you think they appeared in the script at the very last stage. I cannot think what either of them brought to their roles.

I am going to mention that I actually got the thought for this post talking to Farris over at Farris law. Thank you for the seed. I suppose you get inspiration in unanticipated ways.

Invaluable Assistance - Without fail you find a way help me to break it down and make it better 🙂 - You are Fabulous! - Thanks Tinley. I do know you are extremely busy. Appreciate your making the time.

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