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In this day and age there are many of ways to generate leads online

In this day and age there are many of ways to generate leads online, some more successful than others. For a lot of the time it is trial and error for what is working for you.

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Generating consumer interest in a product or service is inevitable for any business to survive. With the advent of new media, a whole lot of lead generation activities started to be done online. The availability of abundant information in the internet has lead to self-directed buyers and rise of new techniques to qualify and develop potential leads.

According to a 2014 statistics, 78 percent people primarily used emails to generate leads, followed by event marketing and content marketing. Here, you will see what some of the effective, but overlooked ways of generating market leads are.

Sharing information through infographics

People prefer doing business with companies they are familiar with. So share information about your company with them and inforgraphics is the best way to do this. You may also share case studies and reviews by third parties, and also list of awards or nominations that your company received as a proof of your companys value.

Open calls and online events

Video conferencing is one of the most effective ways of generating business leads. Skype or Google+ Hangouts are useful tools to hold planned or impromptu online discussions. Trust and prospective businesses may be started with these discussions.


Trendjacking or newsjacking is the method of crafting engagements, conversations or promotions around topics that are trending at the moment. You will be discovered easily since those topics are already trending in the online media.

Saved search on LinkedIn

You may opt for an advanced search on LinkedIn to find prospective contacts. The portal has a feature of saving your search and then mailing you similar profiles that it finds in the future. This is a highly useful tool in generating business leads.

Lead generation is essentially about making valuable contacts that would favor the companys sales outcome and these are some of the overlooked methods of doing it.

What I think Lead Generation Will Be Like in 2015

There is only less than a month to welcome the New Year, but marketing pundits and web marketers are already getting set with strategies and trends to follow in lead generation in 2015. They say content, customers and strategy will be the three holy elements used by companies for successful lead generation in the coming year. According to a survey result, 61 percent of the marketers said they consider lead generation as the top priority for allocation of resources and attention next year.

Here are some of the lead generation strategies that I believe might trend next year.

Paid search

As you scan through search engine results, you would discover that nothing separates the top ten search results and the top three paid apps. With new algorithms and organic search rankings, the clients are expected to experience almost 40 percent increase in leads through paid searches.

Brand storytelling

Storytelling is the base of communication and decision making. Technology and algorithms are continuously being experimented with to help users find what they are exactly looking for as they perform searches. When performing an online research, type in key phrases and equations to get a wider picture of a companys brand prospects.


A significant portion of spent marketing dollars is represented by franchise portals. They are also significant parts of many lead generation strategies. As portals work on improving customer satisfaction, businesses are starting to get robust advertising options.


To make your contacts perceive you as a trust advisory or a facilitator, you would begin by breaking all existing barriers to conversations, and earning the trust of candidates by designing a consistent recruitment process.

Paying close attention to content interactions and using these for lead sight would be essential in successful lead generation in 2015. It is not likely that marketers would see substantial improvements in lead quality without that kind of oversight.

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