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Just Diagnosed With Rosacea Comprehensive Guide

So you've just been diagnosed with rosacea. Well, first of all it is important to know that rosacea can't be cured, as your doctor probably told you, but it can be controlled and if diagnosed early it is a lot easier to do so.

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It's more than possible to keep rosacea under control (many people have done it), but you will have to do some lifestyle changes : these changes are not only good for your skin, but for your health in general because you will have to eat healthier, make some exercise and keep your stress level under control.

Here are a few pointers to help you get started in changing your lifestyle and keeping rosacea under control.

1. Relax

Stress is the most common trigger for rosacea : in really stressful periods, you will most likely experience a bad rosacea period as well. The good news is now that you've been diagnosed and you know there's a name that redness on your face, you should feel some relief. See this as an opportunity to change some aspects of your life (job, food, exercise, etc.) that will not only help you to keep rosacea under control, but that will also improve your general health.

Take some time during the day to relax : go to the gym, breath, meditate or whatever help you get the stress out.

Eat well : eating well will improve your skin appearance, but a good diet also helps reduce stress level. Try to cut junk food in particular and eat more vegetables.

Keep allergies under control : if you suffer from allergies, these will release histamine in your body and high-histamine level in the body is a common trigger for a lot of people. Overtime, a high histamine level can cause anxiety and stress.

2. Eat well and avoid food known for causing rosacea symptoms

A healthy diet will be your best friend. You can find lists of food to avoid all over the web, but you'll want to keep close attention to the following:

  • Coffee & Tea
  • Spicy foods
  • High-sugar food
  • Junk food
  • Pasta / bread
  • Vinegar
  • Wine (red win in particular)
  • Beer
  • Bananas
  • Acidic fruits or vegetables

Check out the compiled list of the most common triggers for more. Search the web and you'll find a lot of resources on that.

For most people, cutting alcohol and coffee will be the hardest change to make, but note that everyone's different and that you should test what cause you to flare up. For instance, beer seems to be fine with me, but I can't drink any coffee or tea anymore.

Test and try to keep a journal of what food help you / cause you to flare up.

3. Take your medication

Your doctor probably prescribed you some medication. A common treatment is the Metrogel topical cream and maybe that's what you have to use as of now. Follow your doctor's recommendations closely as medication will probably be the best way to keep everything under control.

4. Keep your skin well hydrated

Rosacea will dry your skin overtime and keeping your skin well hydrated is a top-priority. Use a gentle moisturizer for sensitive skin and again you might have to test a few. Cetaphil seems to be a popular brand among the community.

5. Use a skin cleanser everyday

Keeping yourskin well moisturizedis one thing, but you have to clean it properly as well. Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disease : your body over-reacts to certain stimulus and this causes inflammation. To avoid aggravating your condition, it is essential to keep your skin clean by washing off elements from the outside world that could increase the inflammatory reaction and cause flare-ups.

Cetaphil offer a great skin cleanser for sensitive skinsand rosacea-prone skin. When choosing a cleanser, make sure it is fragrance-free, non-comedogenicand formulated for sensitive skin.

6. Use a sunscreen

Use a sunscreen when going out to the sun. You may discover that overtime the sun aggravate your symptoms and part of the solution isn't to stop going out simply use a good sunscreen.

Again, as with the moisturizer, you might have to test a few brands. I use Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 30 if that helps.

7. Make some exercise

Intense physical activity may cause your face to go red / worsen your symptoms, but light activity will be extremely beneficial : it will allow your body to evacuate toxins, will help your skin to stay healthy and will help you evacuate stress!

If you do some exercise outside, try to go out in the morning or in the evening as the temperature will be cooler and will help your reduce the symptoms.

8. Avoid extreme temperatures

Avoid extreme temperatures when you can : really hot of extremely cold temperatures will most likely cause your skin to flush. If you go ski or similar activities during the winter, try to cover your face as much as possible so that you avoid direct contact with your skin.

9. Drink Water

One thing that seems to be working very well for most people though is drinking water : rosacea will dry your skin and your body needs a lot of water. You might also have a particular condition calledocular rosaceaand drinking water is essential in keeping your eyes healthy.

Common wisdom wants you to drink about 2 liters of water everyday and I can confirm that drinking at least 2L everyday makes a great different in reducing rosacea symptoms. As you probably know, fighting the disease requires a lot of lifestyle changes, so drinking a lot of water isn't enough, but with other healthy measures it will help you reduce the symptoms.

Its not always easy to drink a lot of water, especially at work (depending on the type of work you do), but I took the habit of carrying a bottle with me everywhere. Its a lot easier and when you always have water on you, it's impossible to forget to drink!

10. Test

I know it is frustrating, but there's no definitive guide to keeping rosacea under control as everyone's different. Try keeping a journal of what works and what doesn't.

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